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What does the report contain?

It depends on your organisation’s unique online presence and your business goals. We’ll ask you to fill out a short questionnaire before we start, which gives us a clear indication of relevant focus areas. 

Broadly speaking, we’ll examine your website in detail before looking at other digital channels that you’re currently using, and/or ones that could be a good fit for you. 

Our analysis is grouped into four main categories: web design & UX, search engine optimisation (SEO), brand positioning & copy, and marketing. Each of these components plays an important role in potential customers’ experience when they visit your website or interact with your business online. 

A typical report might look something like this:

Section 1:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO allows you to become the answer to your potential customers’ questions (if not their prayers). It can be an effective way to both reach new people and make sure existing customers know where to find you. We’ll look at your current SEO performance and help you to get the right audience clicking through to your website from search engines.

  • General SEO Overview
  • Local SEO
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Technical SEO
  • Site Speed
  • SEO Recommendations

Section 2:

Web Design & User Experience (UX)

Design is the very first aspect of your website that visitors will notice, so getting it right is crucial for making a positive first impression. And the importance of good web design extends way beyond first impressions. It’s as much about how easy your site is to navigate and use as it is about look and feel. In this section, we evaluate your current setup from both standpoints.

  • Look & Feel
  • Design Breakdown
  • Navigation
  • User Flow
  • Design & UX Recommendations

Section 3:

Brand Positioning & Web Copy

Your brand identity is a complex concept with a number of contributing factors. It’s what makes you unique – much like a human personality. Messaging is the written expression of your brand identity that works alongside your logo, brand colours and visuals. On your website, messaging will take the form of web copy. The better your website copy is, the more likely it is to persuade people to buy from you.

  • Brand & Copy Breakdown
  • Web Copy
  • Hero Text
  • Micro Copy
  • Brand & Copy Recommendations

Section 4:


This section covers the techniques and channels you use to generate awareness about your products and services beyond your website. We’re talking about tools for building an effective sales funnel that draws new audiences to your website, whilst keeping existing customers engaged and encouraging repeat business.

  • Blogs and Insights
  • Organic Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Goals & Measurement
  • Marketing Recommendations

For each category, we’ll identify some ‘quick wins’. These are changes that should be relatively straightforward to make yourself, and that will have a positive impact in the short term. 

We’ll also include our recommendations for longer term goals. These are usually a bit more complex and labour intensive to implement, but they are likely to have a more significant impact on your growth over time.

I would highly recommend Studio Kick due to their friendly approach and great knowledge. My new website is amazing, more than I had pictured myself! I have already picked up a couple of new customers within the first few days of it going live!

Jessica Llewellyn – Director
Self Set Screeding

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