Torbay Composite

The owner of Torbay Composite is ambitious and wanted a marketing partner to help him achieve his goals. His self-built website wasn’t producing enquiries to help fuel the growth required.


The look and feel of the site also wasn’t resonating with the company’s target audience. We caught up with Nathan (founder) and he asked us to design and build a new website, and then work with him to drive traffic and enquiries.

The Result

We designed and built Torbay Composite’s new site to emphasize the quality of their services and build trust with the end user. We used testimonials and ratings to build this trust along with photography from actual projects instead of stock photos. A natural colour palette was used throughout to match the natural colours in the majority of the photography.

Images and content were also configured to ease into the screen when the user scrolls down the page which gives an elegant feel. The site was built in WordPress and has a consistent (but not overbearing) focus on conversion, which has led to a significant increase in enquiries and quote requests for Nathan’s services. We also optimised the site for key search terms which has resulted in improved Google rankings.

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Since meeting them, their visions matched mine for the company website. I am inundated with enquiries, leading to us to grow as a company quicker than expected. Cannot recommend highly enough, genuinely.

Nathan DallowFounder - Torbay Composite