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Curious about the origins of Devon’s hottest new creative agency?

Here’s how Studio Kick came about… in our own words.

“Can you start on Monday?”, the recruiter asked. 

“Tim’s a great guy, he works on your team. We’ll ask him to give you a quick tour of the office when you arrive.”

I told her I’d be there, and the rest is history.

Well, the start of history anyway. 

Aside from questionable taste in football teams and an inexplicable liking of cricket, Tim did indeed turn out to be a sound guy. 

On the in-house marketing team for an Exeter-based company, we struck up a working relationship with what I’d consider to be close to the optimum banter/productivity ratio. 

It also helped that we have complementary skill sets. My strengths are brand messaging and word-orientated, whereas Tim’s are web design and UX. So together we function as something like the classic copywriter/designer creative teams of old – but reimagined for a time when the internet is more relevant than it was in the 60’s.

That’s why (fast-forward a few months, and I’m working as a freelance copywriter), when a potential client asked about a full brand identity and website project for his new business, I hit Tim up to see if he fancied collaborating on it.

He was keen.

Despite the world doing its best to fall apart at the time, the project was an absolute dream to work on – thanks in no small part to our awesome client, Dwayne, who gave us a huge amount of creative freedom alongside his own stellar input (you can check out the full case study here).

Fast-forward again, and with several more joint projects chalked up in the ‘W’ column, Tim suggested we make the collab official.

I jumped at the opportunity. 

Starting a Devon-based creative agency had been my goal since I moved back to the South West from London in 2019. 

I learned loads, met some cool people and delivered great work for global clients in London. But latterly, I’d come to resent having to live in the ‘big city’ to work in my industry of choice. Devon holds my heart the way a teenager grips the last can of beer at a house party.

Of course, there are already successful creative agencies doing their thing here.

But nobody does it quite like we do.

Our Vision

What sets Studio Kick apart from other agencies?

And where are we heading in the months and years to come?

For me, it’s about us growing alongside our clients. It’s no accident that we want to help organisations that are prepared to depart from well-trodden paths to reach their goals. 

We share a mindset with clients that want to reach the pinnacle of their industry, so we aim to use our experiences to inform theirs, and vice-versa.

At the moment, we’re totally outgunned in terms of resource by the bigger players in our field. We’re not about to compete on their scale, so the challenge becomes:

what else can we offer? 

Simply put, our value lies in concentrated creativity and execution. We’re like those double-concentrated bottles of squash: you get twice the end product in a more convenient package. 

The heart of our Studio Kick brand is based on this. Pound-for-pound creative champions means we back ourselves to outperform our relative size in both the quality and impact of work we deliver for clients. 

I’m also excited about the potential to bring new creative talent into the game. Having grown up in Devon, I know there’s tons of untapped potential in the local area and beyond. 

I’d love to be able to get young people involved in our industry who have loads to offer, and want to flex their creative talents without necessarily having to move away to get that opportunity.

If that sounds like you, drop us an email at [email protected] we’re always on the lookout to grow our network, and you’ll be first in line for any opportunities that arise…

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