We are Studio Kick

Pound for pound creative champions.

Who’s on the team?

Studio Kick is brought to you by Mitch Lowes and Tim Brown. Originating from opposite sides of the world (UK & NZ), destiny has brought us together to help your business perform better.

Whilst collaborating on projects as independent freelancers, our complementary skill sets led us to discover that we’re like a marketing Megazord – we kick much more ass when we work as a singular giant robot. Or at the very least, together. So we decided to launch Studio Kick: the best creative agency, pound for pound.

Where we’re at

Studio Kick is physically located in East Devon, UK. But you can find us on the internet from anywhere.

We work with a select group of kick-ass brands globally. If you’re an organisation that’s ready to take on business behemoths and challenge the status quo, we believe we can help. And we’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch with us now to set up an obligation free chat about your business and what we might be able to do to help.

Who we can help

Already have infinite resources at your disposal? Primarily concerned with maintaining your current position in the market? Then there’s probably not an awful lot we can do for you. 

We deliver our best results for organisations that have a ‘challenger’ mindset. Are you:

  • Determined to rise through the ranks of your sector?
  • Competing on an unfair playing field in terms of marketing resource?
  • Willing to take a genuinely unique approach to fulfil your ambition?

Then we could make a great team!


My new website is amazing, more than I had pictured myself! I have already picked up a couple of new customers within the first few days of it going live!

Jessica Llewellyn – Director
Self Set Screeding

What’s the process?

Step 1:

A quick chat

Jump on a free 15 min call with us to establish the essentials, with no obligation.

Step 2:

Performance Analysis

We evaluate your current marketing effectiveness.

Step 3:

Strategic Execution

We develop and execute a plan to kickstart your new campaign.

Step 4:

Measuring Success

We report back to you on the results of our efforts.

Step 5:

Rinse & Repeat

There’s no rest for the wicked in this game. We continue to hone and improve your marketing performance until you’re champion of your sector.

Mitch Lowes

Co-founder & Black Belt Copywriter

Mitch is a creative copywriter and content specialist. He recently returned to East Devon, after six years working for award-winning communications agencies in London and Cardiff. Mitch has worked with clients across a range of industries including tech, construction, luxury travel, and hospitality. Unlike your average copywriter, words love Mitch more than he loves them.

Mitch gets a kick out of:

  • Lifting heavy things
  • Mixing drum ‘n bass (badly)
  • Writing banging copy

[email protected]

Tim Brown

Co-founder & Black Belt Designer

Tim is a digital design specialist who has been creating amazing digital experiences for over a decade. He’s obsessed with creating websites, membership platforms, videos and ecommerce stores that elevate brands online. Originally from NZ, Tim has worked with clients from a range of industries across the globe. Although a Kiwi at heart, he now calls Devon his home.

Tim gets a kick out of:

  • Sports (rugby, cricket, golf & american football)
  • Travelling the globe
  • Studying how users interact with the online world

[email protected]