Heighway Ltd

An electrifying website build for a fast-growing HV company.


Heighway Ltd is an East Devon-based high voltage electrical services company that specialises in working on projects for the energy, rail and construction sectors. 

Founded by George Heighway in 2020, the company has grown rapidly since. With multiple teams now working on construction sites across the UK, Heighway Ltd needed a brand new website to showcase its services to a wider audience, increase brand awareness, generate leads and act as the key online customer touchpoint. 

So naturally, they dropped us a line.


Once we’d agreed on the main objectives and deliverables for the project, the next step was a download call with George and other senior team members. We wanted to get to the heart of the nascent Heighway brand by finding out what differentiates the company from its competitors, which we’d then use as the cornerstone of the new site’s messaging and design.

One of the best ways to do this is to examine client feedback to better understand customer perceptions. Whether it’s verbal or a more formal written review/testimonial, if one or two similar themes crop up several times, it starts to develop a picture of what makes a business memorable and distinctive to its customers.

It soon became clear that a key attribute clients valued about Heighway Ltd was the professional and unobtrusive way teams conducted themselves on site. Local residents had fad back to site managers that they appreciated the subtle branding on Heighway’s vans, which reduced the visual impact of having construction works on their doorstep.

We used this insight to develop the concepts of ‘low impact, high quality’, and ‘delivering positive energy in every sense’ to summarise Heighway’s offering. We kept the design work clean and understated alongside succinct but impactful copy, using dynamic elements sparingly to pique initial interest and convey a range of benefits.

The Result

It’s important to remember that the benefits of a good website aren’t all related to lead gen or sales, and the Heighway project is testament to this. Almost as soon as the website launched, job applications from high-quality candidates began to flow through as a result of postings on the dedicated careers page we created. This page in particular has provided the foundation for Heighway Ltd’s employer brand, and is already playing a key role in assisting the company’s continued growth and expansion.

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Working with Mitch and Tim at Studio Kick was fantastic. They understood exactly what we were needing and kept us updated with regular contact on where they were with things and how we would like certain aspects. They have produced us a great website which we are extremely pleased with, We will for sure be using them again in the future.

Chris LongBusiness Coordinator, Heighway Ltd